Cryptomator 1.7.1 lock the cloud for free

With Cryptomator, the key to your data is in your hands. The application encrypts your data quickly and easily before uploading it to your favorite cloud service.

Cryptomator is a simple tool for your digital self-defense. Allows you to protect the data you send to the cloud yourself and regardless of the encryption it provides the service you are using. Most providers cloud encrypt your data only when you upload it or have the keys to decrypt it if it is stored encrypted. These keys can be stolen, copied or used for reasons you would not like. Here comes the Cryptomator application, so that only you have your data key.

Cryptomator lets you access your files from all the devices you have.

How does it protect your data?

Cryptomator technology uses the latest encryption standards and encrypts both files and filenames with AES 256 bit.

To get started with Cryptomator, enter a password for the vault folder in your cloud. That was all. You do not need a complicated key generation process and a lot of settings.

To access the vault, simply use the same password. The folder will open. It is a virtual encrypted drive on which you can move and store your data, just as you would a USB stick. Each time you save something to this disk, Cryptomator will automatically encrypt the data.

The encryption technology it uses, as mentioned above, is AES at 256 bits. So if someone looks at the folder in your cloud, they will not be able to understand what you have saved since in addition to the data, the file names are also encrypted.

Is it safe and reliable?

The developers state that there are no backdoors, expiration date and that the application is open source.

This means that you should not blindly trust Cryptomator, as it is open source software. For you as a user, it may not mean anything, but those who know can read every line of code to see how the application behaves.

So in addition to independent security checks, the software is constantly and publicly tested in an automated way. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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