What exactly is the Dark Web?

We have been mentioned several times in the Dark Web and it seems that the object is quite interesting to our readers and not only. With today's publication, we answer questions you may be interested in.Dark web

1. What exactly is the Dark Web?

Dark Web: We've also seen it as 'Dark Net' or 'Deep Web.' It's part of a mysterious network. The Deep Web is a specialized team of websites whose identity remains hidden from governments, trackers, and law enforcement. Normal search engines and web browsers used by the general public cannot see these pages. It is a private virtual space where users move around completely anonymously for good or for bad.

2. What is the purpose of Dark Web?

The main intention of Dark Web is to provide a safe online anonymity shelter, where users can interact almost without fear of disclosing their identity to governments or law enforcement authorities. Dark Web hosts discussion forums, blogs, dating services, online shopping, data sources, science books, and many other services.

The Positive Side of Dark Web: The Dark Web, in part, is a haven of democracy for opposing any corruption. From the anonymous network, whistleblowers can report corporate and government misconduct to journalists, exposing corruption hidden from the general public.

Dark Web is an oasis for people in oppressive regimes or religions. Through the anonymous network they can find like-minded thinkers, and perhaps find help to escape the oppressive conditions that prevail in their lives.

So the dark network can be considered a paradise for journalists and people with a controversial way of life who can communicate with each other without the fear of retaliation.

The Negative Side of Dark Web: the dark network is not only used by journalists and activists. It is also a huge black market for smuggling and providing illegal services. Buying, selling and exchanging: hacking information (Zero-Day), drugs, weapons, stolen credit card numbers, illegal pornographic material, money laundering services, killer recruiting services and much more.

3. How does the Dark Web work?

If you are a beginner do not try to connect to the Dark Web. To do this, you need to install and use specialized software.

There are two different connection options for Dark Web: I2P, and TOR.
These are two different anonymous technologies.

In both cases, the Dark Web works by using complex encryption, which spans virtually personal identities, network identities, and the physical locations of the participants.

All network traffic jumps to thousands of servers from all over the world, making it virtually impossible to locate (impossible with some caution).

All activities are done through pseudonyms that have nothing to do with your true identity. Most money transactions use Bitcoin and third-party escrow services to protect both the buyer and the seller from dishonest transactions.

To enter from I2P or TOR on the Dark Web, you'll need to install some specialized encryption software, a specialized web browser, and if you want to buy something: you also need to buy bitcoins and install a bitcoin wallet software.

4. Are there two ways to connect to the Dark Web?

Yes, there are two ways to connect to the Dark Web, with darknet TOR being the most popular of both. TOR allows anonymous access to its users, both for the regular Internet and Dark Web. Dark Web sites to find the TOR use domains with domain termination .onion.
Dark Web surfing is usually faster with TOR.

TOR stands for "The Onion Router".

I2P now. It's a smaller hidden network, and slower speed performance, but it's more exclusive than TOR. You can not use a I2P Browser to view regular webpages.
I2P is expected to gain more users over time, and some claim that it is more resistant to attacks, so safer than Tor.

I2P stands for 'Invisible Internet Project'.

5. How can I pay for Products and Services on the Dark Web?

Since using PayPal or credit card payments will betray your identity, Dark Web prefers to use the Bitcoin virtual currency, which is less traceable than cash. In many cases, a third party service acting as a guarantor on behalf of both the buyer and the seller is used. It essentially has the role of a trusted intermediary and is paid with a small commission depending on the transaction.

For bitcoin transactions you will need to install a bitcoin wallet software.

Remember: Bitcoin is a supervised currency. If you cheat, you can not go to a bank and ask for a refund. Once a Bitcoin transaction is completed, it can not be reversed by electronic means.

6. Payments with intermediaries Help

To contact the seller: The guarantor acts as a trusted mediator. The transfer service confirms that the buyer actually has the money and is willing to pay, since the amount has already been pre-deposited.
The transfer service communicates this fact to the seller, and then expects to make sure that the product has actually been shipped to the customer before releasing the payment.

Escrow Services are sometimes provided by the market itself. There are also third-party escrow services.

7. How is an illegal package delivered?

Just like any Internet-based package, say, from Amazon, Dark Web purchases are delivered via mail or a courier.

Yes, this means that if you order weapons or drugs you will be handed over as if you were buying a jeans pants. The risk revolves around your dark Web market identified by law enforcement. The risk is great because a physical presence is required to pick up a parcel.

In the US and elsewhere transport companies and post offices use a combination of X-rays, dogs, but also a visual inspection to detect smuggling.

If your parcel is confiscated by the Authorities but you avoid arrest, then you can contact the escrow service to send a new package, or to return your money.

If you do not avoid conceiving again, we recommend finding a very good lawyer.
You can read more about shipping arrivals from here.

8. How do I login to the Dark Web?

IGuRu.gr does not recommend buying and selling smuggling, but it supports political freedoms, democracy and freedom of expression online.

To access the TOR network, follow the instructions provided here.

To find the various web pages and services in Dark Web, see the following 3 subreddit pages.




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