Darkleaks: Sale of secret documents online

A "black market" of confidential information intended to create a new generation of whistleblowers, such as Edward Snowdon, is intended to be the Darkleaks.


This service, as reported in a New Scientist article, is available for download online as a free software package, and its source code has been published online via Github. Users can upload a file with a description that can be viewed by potential buyers browsing the market - an activity that takes place within the software itself.

As noted in the report, Darkleaks will not be limited to "significant" leaks, but it will probably also have to do with cases like the leakage of celebrity photos in August. However, its creators argue that it is aimed primarily at those who want to make out "trade secrets", "military information", "evidence of tax evasion" and so on.

At the same time, they assure that the transactions will remain anonymous, as, according to a relevant blogpost, there is no identity, central manager and direct interaction between seller and buyer. The documents are "broken" into pieces, encrypted and inserted into the bitcoin's block chain - the "currency" payment record. Small pieces will be visible to aspiring buyers to decide if a purchase is worth it. When the decision is made, and the seller binds its bitcoins, it opens a "key" that allows the buyer to decipher the document.

Source: naftemporiki.gr

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