Data breach forces couple to move and change name

Data breach is now a daily occurrence in today's society, along with the with ransomware.

Διαβάζουμε σχεδόν καθημερινά για επιτυχημένες που έχουν σαν αποτέλεσμα την κλοπή πληροφοριών. Ανάμεσα σε αυτές τις there are names, dates of birth, social security numbers and more.

In the Hackney municipality of London, a recent data breach has had very devastating consequences for a particular couple.

Data breach

Such as he says the Hackney Gazette, a family in the area adopted a child and details of who they were and where they lived were not to be disclosed to physicists .

However, during the adoption process in 2016, a solicitor appointed by Hackney Borough Council mistakenly included a of the application form. The publication says the exposed sensitive data included the couple's names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and occupations.

The violation was serious enough for the couple who spoke both to the council and to the police finally decided to move and change adjectives as it was the safest solution for their adopted child.

Hackney City Council acknowledged their mistake and paid the couple £ 106,000 (.) In compensation, which helped make the move easier. They also apologized to the couple for the "human error".

Although this data breach was not the result of a malicious attacker, it shows that information leaks can have a very big impact on people's everyday lives.

It also shows us that you can have the best perimeter security in your infrastructure, but if your staff is not trained, there is no point, since the data will leak in some other way.

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