Debian 12 comes June 10 but with some bugs

Debian 12, codenamed Bookworm, will be released next Saturday (June 10), but it will be released with up to 100 bugs.

Paul Gevers from the Debian project reported the number of known bugs on the Debian mailing list, but stated that the release would take place.


Gevers mentioned that even more bugs are likely to be found once Debian 12 is installed on more computers after the release, and that these issues will then be fixed with the first update.


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The Debian project releases new ISO images every two months as a point release and contains all the latest fixes up to that point. So Gevers mentioned that Debian 12.1 is expected to be released around July, so if you want more stability, don't go ahead with installing Debian 12 until then.

Debian is not the most popular Linux distribution among end users, but it is extremely popular as a base for other Linux distributions. Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution, is based on Debian, and Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. THE of Linux Mint is also releasing a Debian-based version if anything happens to Ubuntu.

I should mention that the distribution is very stable even in the testing versions. I have been using it for years on workstations and servers without any problems at all. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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