Microsoft: will make Bing Chat available in other browsers as well

Microsoft is in the process of developing Bing Chat for non-Microsoft browsers.

Οι ενδιαφερόμενοι χρήστες που προσπαθούν να αποκτήσουν πρόσβαση στο Bing Chat από άλλο πρόγραμμα περιήγησης αυτήν τη στιγμή, π.χ. Google Chrome ή , they see a page informing them that the new Bing is only available on Microsoft Edge.


The restriction is not of a technical nature. Microsoft had decided to limit Bing Chat to its own Microsoft Edge browser only. One of Microsoft's intentions was to promote Edge, hoping that many users would adopt it because of Bing Chat, which the company considers a valuable service.

The downside of this exclusivity is that the majority of internet users are restricted as they do not use that particular browser.
Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services revealed in late May 2023 that Microsoft would begin experiments to enable third-party browser support.

Parakhin confirmed today on Twitter that Microsoft has started enabling Bing Chat in some third-party browsers for some users. The new feature will roll out gradually, but Parakhin didn't specify a time frame or which browsers Microsoft will enable Bing Chat on.

Βέβαια αν θέλετε να αποκτήσετε πρόσβαση στο Bing Chat από τον browser που τε, μπορείτε πολύ απλά να αλλάξετε τον user agent of the browser. This shows that the limitation of Microsoft Edge is artificial and not based on technical requirements.

Microsoft's Edge browser has a market share of 5,32% worldwide according to Statcounter. While the numbers aren't 100% accurate, they highlight Bing Chat's unlocking potential for other browsers. Google Chrome leads the global statistics with a market share of over 62%. Safari is second, with 20,7%.

Bing Chat support for other browsers could certainly help speed up the service's development.

The upcoming move from the company shows us that once again its experiments to promote Edge have proved fruitless, even now that it uses a browser clone of Chrome. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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