Debian GNU / Linux 8.7 Jessie is here

If you are using Debian Stable, also known as Debian GNU / Linux 8 Jessie, it's time to update it. Debian has just released a new release (Debian GNU / Linux 8.7), which includes over 170 fixes and security updates.

Debian GNU / Linux 8.7 is the latest and most advanced build of the Debian Jessie series, and brings corrections to all security issues that were discovered and repaired after Debian 8.6 was released in mid-September last year. It also brings dozens of app updates.Debian GNU / Linux 8.7 Jessie

Of course, if you already use Debian GNU / Linux 8 Jessie on a personal computer or your server, and you have all the latest updates installed, then you do not have to do something as you are already running Debian 8.7.

If you want to install the distribution from scratch, you can download the ISO files that have not yet been uploaded to official Debian repositories.

Upcoming ISO will help you install Debian Jessie without having to download hundreds of updates after installation.

To download new ISO as soon as they appear, you can check the official repository in the next hours from the following link

Read the official announcement describing all changes

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