Dell print drivers appear as malware

Recent Dell printer driver updates for various versions of Windows have been flagged by some security programs as malware.

The bug was identified and reported by journalist Brian Krebs on Twitter.

These drivers seem to have been released by Dell in recent months,. Krebs published its results his research in Virus Total, which indicate that the file is marked as "malware" or "Trojan" by various programs, such as Avast, McAfee, Microsoft, Fortinet and others.

The logs as you can see from the link above show that at least 29 protection machines detected a file as unsafe.

We do not yet know what causes these crawls and whether these files are secure or have been compromised. Krebs suggests for those who want to download the latest drivers to delay their download for now. The company may release new drivers or provide at least one explanation for the references and validity of its drivers to the public.

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