devolo WiFi Nano USB stick for laptops, PCs and Macs

Devolo's new WiFi Nano USB Stick ac comes with a fast WiFi connection up to 433 Mbps. The practical nano USB adapter is a fast and cost-effective solution for upgrading and older computers. dlan WiFi Nano USB WiFi Nano USB

With its plug and play installation, it is ready for use on any Windows computer within minutes while the necessary drivers are installed automatically. Of course, devolo does not forget Apple's users as well. Mac or MacBook users can download the necessary drivers free of charge through the devolo website.

A makeover for old computers

Gone are the days when a computer was already obsolete, before we even put it in our home after buying it. Nevertheless, even the latest hardware equipment can reach its performance limits at some point. The upgrade process, especially if we are talking about laptops and MacBooks, often presents great difficulties.

Devolo now offers the devolo WiFi Nano USB Stick ac a simple, convenient and affordable way to upgrade WiFi to a laptop, MacBook or PC.

Nano in size, powerful in performance

The new devolo WiFi Nano USB stick ac is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to integrate their existing home networking equipment using the fast WiFi ac adapter. The nano-sized USB stick is so small that it's almost as if it is integrally integrated into a free USB port. It is ideal for laptops, as it can be permanently attached to the door since even with frequent use there is no risk of damage.

In addition to laptops, it can also be mounted on PCs or Macs that do not have any wireless LAN functionality or support older wireless networking standards. So every computer can be done not just faster but also more flexible. Note that the USB stick can be removed and reused on any other device.

WiFi ac: The wireless home network of the future

The devolo WiFi stick ac shows the most capabilities especially in conjunction with a corresponding WiFi ac home network, e.g. with the devolo dLAN 1200 WiFi AC Starter Kit, while WiFi ac is currently a standard supported by most high end routers on the market. The devolo WiFi stick ac offers a huge advantage in terms of speed, converting wireless online gaming, video streaming or accessing a NAS system to a whole new experience.

In the wireless "lane" with 433 Mbps and 5 GHz

The devolo WiFi Nano USB ac accelerates WiFi on older PCs, Macs and / or laptops, up to 433 Mbps. For data transmission, it uses its compact dimensions and the ultra-efficient antenna it emits at 5 GHz. This frequency band, unlike the frequencies of 2.4 GHz WiFi, has much less data accumulation, resulting in significant benefits in terms of performance and stability.

Once the socket is connected to a free USB port, the Windows drivers and the necessary drivers are automatically installed on Windows computers. For Mac or MacBook functionality, free drivers are available for download through the devolo site.

Prices and availability

The devolo WiFi Nano USB stick ac is readily available at the suggested retail price of 29.90 euros (including VAT).

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