Google: home doctor from search results

It seems that Google tries to put an end to all these false "diagnoses" circulating on the internet, and lead many interested people to draw wrong conclusions. If the goal is too big for Google's new project, at least it can alleviate the problem.

Dr Google

An image posted on Reddit shows a Google search for "knee pain", and an option for the user to video chat with a doctor.

The company has confirmed from time to time that it is preparing a new feature. A company spokesman told Gizmodo, “When you are looking for basic health information… Our goal is to provide you with the most useful information available. We're testing this new feature to see if it works. "

And according to Engadget, the video chat feature will be part of Google's Helpouts platform.

The Helpouts platform will connect users with live video experts, and experts may charge a fee per Helpout, although some will be free of charge.

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