List of Windows 10 shell commands

There are many shell commands in Windows 10. You know that to access the shell, you can type shell in the "Run" dialog box or the Start menu search box. In most cases, the following shell commands open a control system folder or a gadget. run shell

For example, you can access the Startup folder quickly if you type the following in the Run dialog:

shell: Startup

These commands may also show some hidden features, such as "God Mode" of Windows that we mentioned in a previous post and includes all tasks and all settings. Today we will share with you a list of commands of the Windows 10 shell. It is a complete list that includes every simple command that exists in the latest Microsoft operating system.


Shell CommandPurpose
shell: AccountPicturesAccount Pictures
shell: AddNewProgramsFolderAddNewProgramsFolder
shell: Administrative Toolsadministrative Tools
shell: AppDataAppData
shell: Application ShortcutsApplication Shortcuts
shell: AppsFolderApps Folder
shell: AppUpdatesFolderAppUpdatesFolder
shell: Cachecache
shell: Camera RollCamera Roll
shell: CD BurningTemporary Burn Folder
shell: ChangeRemoveProgramsFolderChangeRemoveProgramsFolder
shell: Common Administrative Toolsadministrative Tools
shell: Common AppDataCommon AppData
shell: Common DesktopPublic Desktop
shell: Common DocumentsPublic Documents
shell: Common ProgramsPrograms
shell: Common Start MenuStart Menu
shell: Common StartupStartups
shell: Common TemplatesCommon Templates
shell: CommonDownloadsPublic Downloads
shell: CommonMusicpublic Music
shell: CommonPicturesPublic Pictures
shell: CommonRingtonesCommonRingtones
shell: CommonVideoPublic Videos
shell: ConflictFolderConflictFolder
shell: ConnectionsFolderConnectionsFolder
shell: ContactsContacts
shell: ControlPanelFolderControlPanelFolder
shell: CookiesCookies
shell: CredentialManagerCredentialManager
shell: CryptoKeysCrypto Keys
shell: CSCFolderCSCFolder
shell: Desktopdesktop
shell: Device Metadata StoreDevice Metadata Store
shell: DocumentsLibraryDocuments
shell: DownloadsDownloads
shell: DpapiKeysDpapiKeys
shell: FavoritesFavorites
shell: FontsFonts
shell: GamesGAMES
shell: GameTasksGameTasks
shell: HistoryHistory
shell: HomeGroupCurrentUserFolderHomeGroupCurrentUserFolder
shell: HomeGroupFolderHomeGroupFolder
shell: ImplicitAppShortcutsDefaultAppShortcuts
shell: InternetFolderInternetFolder
shell: LibrariesLibraries
shell: LinksLinks
shell: Local AppDataLocal AppData
shell: LocalAppDataLowLocalAppDataLow
shell: LocalizedResourcesDirLocalizedResourcesDir
shell: MAPIFolderMAPIFolder
shell: MusicLibraryMusic
shell: My MusicMusic
shell: My PicturesPictures
shell: My VideoVideos
shell: MyComputerFolderMyComputerFolder
shell: NetHoodNetHood
shell: NetworkPlacesFolderNetworkPlacesFolder
shell: OEM LinksOEM Links
shell: OneDriveOneDrive
shell: Original ImagesOriginal Images
shell: PersonalDocuments
shell: PhotoAlbumsSlide Shows
shell: PicturesLibraryPictures
shell: PlaylistsPlaylists
shell: PrintersFolderPrintersFolder
shell: PrintHoodPrintHood
shell: ProfileProfile
shell: ProgramFilesProgram Files
shell: ProgramFilesCommonProgramFilesCommon
shell: ProgramFilesCommonX64ProgramFilesCommonX64
shell: ProgramFilesCommonX86ProgramFilesCommonX86
shell: ProgramFilesX64ProgramFilesX64
shell: ProgramFilesX86Program Files (x86)
shell: ProgramsPrograms
shell: PublicPublic
shell: PublicAccountPicturesPublic Account Pictures
shell: PublicGameTasksPublicGameTasks
shell: PublicLibrariesPublicLibraries
shell: Quick LaunchQuick Launch
shell: RecentlyRecent Items
shell: RecordedTVLibraryRecorded TV
shell: RecycleBinFolderRecycleBinFolder
shell: ResourceDirResourceDir
shell: Retail DemoRetail Demo
shell: RingtonesRingtones
shell: Roamed Tile ImagesRoamed Tile Images
shell: Roaming TilesRoaming Tiles
shell: SavedGamesSaved Games
shell: ScreenshotsScreenshots
shell: SearchesSearches
shell: SearchHistoryFolderSearchHistoryFolder
shell: SearchHomeFolderSearchHomeFolder
shell: SearchTemplatesFolderSearchTemplatesFolder
shell: SendToSendTo
shell: SkyDriveCameraRollSkyDriveCameraRoll
shell: SkyDriveDocumentsSkyDriveDocuments
shell: SkyDriveMusicSkyDriveMusic
shell: SkyDrivePicturesSkyDrivePictures
shell: Start MenuStart Menu
shell: StartMenuAllProgramsStartMenuAllPrograms
shell: StartupStartups
shell: SyncCenterFolderSyncCenterFolder
shell: SyncResultsFolderSyncResultsFolder
shell: SyncSetupFolderSyncSetupFolder
shell: SystemSystem
shell: SystemCertificatesSystemCertificates
shell: SystemX86SystemX86
shell: Templatestemplates
shell: ThisPCDesktopFolderThisPCDesktopFolder
shell: User PinnedUser Pinned
shell: UserProfilesUsers
shell: UserProgramFilesUserProgramFiles
shell: UserProgramFilesCommonUserProgramFilesCommon
shell: UsersFilesFolderUsersFilesFolder
shell: UsersLibrariesFolderUsersLibrariesFolder
shell: VideosLibraryVideos
shell: WindowsWindows


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