Free SEO check of your website

Check your website for free on SEO and optimize it by finding missing keywords.

content quality check

Η Content Quality Check website is a free online tool for optimizing websites, finding keyword performance.

You can provide your website URL as well as a keyword and it will analyze the data with Google's top results. It calculates various parameters and presents you with a ranking report. You can see the list of keywords that are missing from your page and make it rank lower.

It basically calculates three parameters for your website. Content rating, topic coverage and word count. And with that, it creates the position of the most relevant keywords that should be used on the website in order to become highly rated. This is a completely free tool and you can use it in any post on your site and after analyzing the results, you can make the relevant changes.

Its use does not require you to register. Just go to the main home page and then just enter the URL of the webpage you want to analyze. Also enter the main keyword for which you want to analyze the page and start SEO quality control.

Now, wait a few minutes and let it collect data from Google's top results. Basically, you will be looking for the top articles with the highest ranking for the specified keyword. It will compare these articles to your own and show you an overview of how your content is different in some respects.

You can scroll down the results page to see the list of keywords that are missing from your content. Just copy those missing keywords and then use them in your content, of course to improve their ranking.

In addition to the missing keywords, you can also see how your content compares to the top 10 Google search results for the same keyword. It will give you an idea of ​​how difficult it would be to rank higher than these articles. It also displays the content rating and word count of these top 10 articles.

This way, you can use this simple and powerful tool to check the content of your site for SEO quality. You can build better websites that will rank higher in Google. In our tests, however, when we gave it a Greek keyword, the analysis was sticky and sticky. It worked just fine with English words.

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