Dual Boot: Does Linux work with TPM enabled?

Of course it works. Following Microsoft 's announcements for the upcoming operating system Windows 11, I thought to check if my computer has TPM, and if so, in which version.

The ways you can control your PC have been published by Dimitris here..

I followed the instructions in the partition with Windows. I have installed Windows Server 2019 Standard and I use it as a workstation, if I need a Windows environment. I find it safer and more stable than Windows 10.

During the test I noticed that the TPM module was not activated. Restart on Windows, F10, enter the BIOS and enable it (it was on the Security tab).

After logging in to Windows I had the following results:

27 6 2021 8 45 01
27 6 2021 8 48 28

Let's see now what happens to Linux.

Activating the TPM module will not cause you any problems, especially if the kernel you are using is a new version. I am currently running Debian 11 Bullseye on a daily basis (yes it may still be under development and is being released as a trial version but it is more stable than the stable Windows).

As you will see in the screenshot below, Debian sees the TPM module, (chip type, version) but there is a bug in the firmware.

screenshot 2021 06 27 21 28 11

I can live without it.



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