Edge Chromium officially released the first public preview

Microsoft just released the first public release of Chromium-based Edge. Today on April 8, Microsoft has officially released everyone's first Edge Canary build for Windows 64 10-bit architecture.

So anyone who wants to try the upcoming Microsoft browser can do so by linking below:


The distribution site is Microsoft Edge Insider and the company beta will only work on Windows 10. This is not the case because I tried the upcoming browser on Windows Server 2019 and it works properly. However, according to the company, beta releases for Windows 7, 8.1, and Mac will be released later.

The new build of Edge released today focuses on very fundamental elements of the application, so there is no language support, and some functional UI.

Today's build is not optimized for performance although the company promises smooth scrolling, inking, PDF support and tabbed scanning. But none of the above is activated. edge

Right now, Chromium-based Edge looks a lot like Chrome, except for embedded feed news from MSN.

Today's build is intended for web developers, and the "enthusiastic" friends of Microsoft.
Sometime this summer, Microsoft is expected to add more features and more features.

But today anyone can download the trial version. So no one will be tempted to install a version from third-party channels.

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