MX Linux 18.2 (stable) has just been released

MX Linux 18.2: MX Linux is a Linux distribution we prefer on It is based on the Debian stable and has come from a partnership between the antiX and MEPIS Linux communities that has stopped developing.

MX Linux 18 ContinuumIt uses Xfce as the default desktop, and is an operating system that combines an elegant and efficient desktop with simple settings, high stability, stable performance and minimal footprint.

In short, it's a fairly light distribution that does not sacrifice quality.

The Microsoft Linux team today announced the release of the stable version of 18.2. The new release is based on Debian 9.8 (stretch) and includes all basic system updates and new versions of desktop applications.

"We are pleased to offer the MX-18.2. The MX-18.2 is a refresh of the MX-18 that brings bugfixes and updated applications.

Note: those who are already using 18 do not need to reinstall. All bugfixes and new plug-ins will be installed with a simple update.

More information can be found at announcement of the new version

MX Linux 18.2 Download the ISO you are interested in:

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