Edge sends the images you see to Microsoft

Edge eι το τελευταίο πρόγραμμα περιήγησης της which is hoped to replace Chrome. Microsoft often touts its app as a solution that respects your privacy, but some Edge features raise concerns.

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Some time ago, Edge users discovered a bug that forwarded their browser history to Bing. So now they discovered something else. Edge sends every image you see online to Microsoft.

Το Edge διαθέτει ένα ενσωματωμένο βελτίωσης εικόνας το οποίο, σύμφωνα με τη Microsoft, μπορεί να χρησιμοποιήσει “υπερ-ανάλυση για να βελτιώσει τη σαφήνεια, την ευκρίνεια, τον φωτισμό και την αντίθεση στις εικόνες στον Ιστό”. Αν και η συγκεκριμένη δυνατότητα ακούγεται συναρπαστική, οι τελευταίες ενημερώσεις του Canary παρείχαν περισσότερες πληροφορίες για τον τρόπο λειτουργίας της βελτίωσης εικόνας.

The browser sends image links to Microsoft instead of performing the improvements on the device.

The biggest problem with Edge's "hyper-resolution" and other questionable services is that it's on by default. Therefore, unknowing users automatically give permission to the browser they use to send the images they see to Microsoft for processing and improvement.

How you can fix it:

Open Microsoft Edge and go to its main menu.
Settings > Privacy, Search and Services.
Scroll down and turn off Enhance images in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft reportedly wants to make the feature more flexible. Upcoming Edge updates will let you choose which sites Edge should not process.

If you use Microsoft Edge Canary, in Settings > Privacy, Search and Services > Enhance images in Microsoft Edge and Add next to the Never Enhance images for these sites list (Enhance images in Microsoft Edge and Add next to the Never Enhance images for these sites list ).

Microsoft Edge has another AI-based feature called Super Resolution video. Makes low-resolution videos sharper and with fewer pixels. However, it uses on-device processing instead of sending the content to Microsoft.

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