EFF Alerts End NSA's Mass Tracking

The Digital Rights Group of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), released an app to help smartphone users put an end to "NSA mass espionage," according to a screenshot posted on the Google Play Store.EFF Alerts

According to the application description on Google's distribution site, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to continue to fight for your rights in the digital age and is trying to empower the crusade of the crowd.

The first of three images released to promote the app states that the EFF app lets you fight NSA mass surveillance. It is easier said than done πάν

The application can be used for (from the official description):
- Calling or emailing the US Congress to help advocate for better technology laws.
- Tweeting at the White House to ask for better policies.
- Helping get the word out about a specific project or campaign EFF is running.
- Taking actions internationally to help preserve digital rights in your country and around the world.

The app was for Android and iOS devices, but also because of conflicting views between Apple and EFF, the app will not be released for iPhones and iPads.

In fact, EFF implementation would allow iDevice owners to express their dissatisfaction through the app, but Apple does not want to share such an app from its iTunes Store.

Those with an Android device can find you application from here.

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