Numerous Greek spiral of cyber fraud was dismantled

The police of Patras, in collaboration with Corinth, dismantled a spiral of electronic frauds operating nationwide. 12 people were arrested in Corinth, while the full details of another 12 members of the ring were identified.

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According to today's announcement of the Police, the detainees had set up a spiral since November 2020, with the aim of financially deceiving the citizens.

The action of the spiral reached almost all of Greece and the police investigated a total of 182 cases of fraud and forgery, during which the perpetrators obtained illegal property gain, exceeding 800.000 euros. See the police announcement below.


Patras, July 7, 2021

Criminal organization involved in the systematic commission of cyber fraud nationwide dismantled
(12) members were arrested, while the full details of another (18) members were identified
A total of (182) electronic frauds against citizens were detected
The illegal property benefit obtained by the perpetrators exceeds (800.000) euros

After many months, methodical and thorough investigation of the Patras Security Sub-Directorate, a criminal organization involved in the systematic commission of electronic frauds was dismantled.

For this case, twelve local men, members of the criminal organization, were arrested today (7-7-2021) in Corinth and Achaia, by police officers of the Patras Security Sub-Directorate.

A criminal case was filed against the detainees for the occasional offenses of forming and participating in a criminal organization, of continuing fraud and forgery committed in an attempt and in violation of the law on weapons.

The same charges are still leveled against (18) members of the criminal organization, as well as (120) beneficiaries of bank accounts, the full details of which have been identified.

The arrest of the perpetrators took place after a large-scale police operation organized and implemented, simultaneously in Corinth and Achaia, by the police of the Patras Security Sub-Directorate, with the assistance of the police of the Vrachati and Kiato Corinth Police Departments, the Korinha and the Corinth Support Squad.

From the thorough investigation carried out by the police of the Patras Security Sub-Directorate, it emerged that the arrested, since November 2020, had established a structured criminal organization, with continuous action and distinct roles, the purpose of which was the systematic commission of fraud and money laundering. .

The action of the organization developed geographically almost all over Greece, where the police investigated a total of (182) cases of fraud and forgery, during which the perpetrators obtained illegal property gain, which exceeds (800.000) euros.

More specifically, the members of the organization posted for sale through websites, ads for cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery and caravans.

The victims then contacted a member of the organization, who persuaded buyers to deposit money into bank accounts, third-party bank card holders, and then extorted money through the app, without handing over the money. vehicles.

In addition, a member of the criminal organization located individuals who posted advertisements for the sale of vehicles on Internet pages, presenting to the victims forged documents of transfer - payment of a sum of money, which allegedly inadvertently deposited more than the agreed amount and then the perpetrators sent to victims application of social networking forged documents, under the pretext of wrong payment of money, asking for the difference.

As for the characteristics and the way of action of the criminal organization, the members of the criminal organization transferred the money to third party bank accounts in order to eliminate the traces of the transaction, while for their communications with the victims, they also used mobile phone numbers. third parties.

During searches of the detainees' homes, police found and confiscated the following:

  • (6) cars
  • (1) motorcycle
  • (5) shotguns
  • (1) shotgun with cut barrel,
  • (3.330) euros,
  • bank transfer receipts,
  • bank account booklets
  • and bank cards.

The arrested will be taken to the Corinth Prosecutor of First Instance.

It is reminded that the following useful tips for avoiding fraud have been posted on the website of the Hellenic Police (

  • Do not be easily persuaded by people who "approach" you as acquaintances of relatives - friends.
  • Be especially wary of strangers trying to enter your home under various pretexts and tricks.
  • If a stranger enters your home under any pretext (eg conducting a survey, selling a product, needing to make a call, etc.), do not allow them to move to other areas of your home other than what is needed. never lose sight of him.
  • In this case, take care of your personal belongings, in order to avoid the possibility of their removal by the method of employment.
  • Be especially cautious when strangers try to persuade you to pay a sum of money, under the pretext of an emergency relative - friend (eg hospitalization). The same can be tried over the phone. For the same reasons do not give in to prompts for a meeting (appointment, etc.).
  • In cases where strangers invoke the emergency of an acquaintance-relative of yours, always seek to contact your acquaintance-relative by phone, to confirm what they invoke. The communication should be done with your own phone and on your own initiative and you should not agree to talk to a person, who was called by strangers.
  • In any case, state that you are not going to hand over money unless your acquaintances-relatives show up.
  • Under no circumstances should strangers take you to a Credit Shop or ATM to withdraw money.
  • Do not be easily persuaded by occasional purchases of products offered by strangers, especially without seeing these products first.
  • Do not be persuaded by strangers, who appear to be Civil Servants or any other body to correct a technical problem, unless you have called them before.
  • Do not be persuaded when strangers ask you to pay money for debts of acquaintances or relatives to public services or to shops-companies for buying goods-offering services.
  • It is pointed out that hospitals or public services do not use the practice of their employees going to homes or public places and asking citizens to pay for services they provide.
  • Always keep the telephone numbers available to you, which you need to contact in case of emergency (Police, Fire Department, Hospitals, close relatives, etc.).
  • Try to restrain the characteristics of the perpetrators, as well as the vehicles they drive (registration number, vehicle make, color, etc.), to assist the work of law enforcement authorities.
  • Always inform the police authorities, even in the event of an attempted fraud against you.

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