elementary OS 5 Juno has just been released

The developers of elementary OS just announced the stable version of the elementary OS 5 Juno operating system.

The elementary OS 5 Juno has been developing over the past four months, and two Beta has already been released. But while we expected to see Release Candidate (RC) it seems that developers have released the release version.elementary OS 5 Juno

Key features of elementary OS 0.5 Juno include updated audio, Bluetooth, date & time, network features, and a brand new Night Light feature with manual timer and automatic Sunrise to Sunset selection.

The new feature brings many improvements to the menu, a redesigned table for System Settings, and an improved AppCenter.

The new version, among others, brings new shortcuts (Ctrl + / or Ctrl + M) and sorting lines (F5), new wallpapers, improved dirt and icons, along with many more you can see in official announcement.

In addition, there are also various improvements to default OS applications, such as the addition of the GNOME Epiphany application as the default Web browser, the latest version of the e-mail client Geary, and the new AppCenter, a new application store.

Download the new final version:

elementaryos-5.0-stable.20181016.iso (1,410MB)


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