Greece adopts the freedom of choice of terminal equipment through EETT

Greece has become the seventh EU country to introduce a router freedom bill. This means that consumers of any Internet Service Provider (ISP) can now use a modem or router of their choice, rather than the equipment provided by the ISP.


Freedom of choice for routers and modems is regulated in the EU by two main sets of rules. The first comes from the Net Neutrality Regulation, a 2015 law that establishes the right of citizens to choose their own digital equipment. The second is a set of guidelines for determining the network termination point (NTP) in different network topologies, provided by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC ).

The regulations are to be implemented by Member States' National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) through some form of corresponding legislation — a process prone to delays, politics, external interference and regulatory issues.

In Greece, the national telecommunications regulatory authority (EETT) began implementing the necessary legal reforms from 2020. This month, the regulator finally approved new rules for router freedom in the country.

EETT reports

The ability to procure and use terminal equipment (e.g. router) of their choice in their local private network is acquired by consumers from 1η October 2023, in accordance with the new Regulation issued by EETT and concerning the determination of the Network Termination Point (NTP) for the provision of fixed service.

With the EETT Regulations:

  • The boundary between the public fixed electronic communications network and the end user's private network is defined, as well as the obligations and rights of the parties involved (end users, providers, manufacturers of terminal equipment) are clarified.
  • Competition is enhanced and innovation is promoted in the equipment market.
  • The process of changing electronic communications provider is facilitated, as the user can continue to use his existing terminal device even if he chooses a new provider.
  • The case of the optical fiber network (FTTH) is specialized, so that the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) equipment is the responsibility of the provider and the terminal equipment (router) is the choice of the user. In cases where the provider provides terminal equipment with built-in ONT and in order to ensure the user's free choice of terminal equipment, the user may request the provision and installation of separate ONT equipment.

At the same time, with the aim of protecting the public electronic communications network, EETT provides in an amendment to the General License Regulation that was recently issued, that the provider may disconnect defective terminal equipment, which is proven to cause damage to the public network, affecting other users during operation of.

Regulation for the determination of the Network Termination Point (NTP) for the provision of fixed service

Amendment of the Regulation of General Permits The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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