Elon Musk has a "bad feeling" and fires 10 percent of Tesla

It seems that Elon Musk has set out to become even more popular with his incredible statements. In his latest, he announced that he… has "a bad feeling" for the global economy and that is why he will fire 10% of Tesla.

Musk, Tesla

In a tweet 2 days ago, the Tesla boss announced dismissals and now he is trying to collect them and reverse the negative climate. According to Reuters, Elon Musk said that because he has a "very bad feeling" he wants to reduce Tesla staff by about 10%.

Tesla, according to official data from 2021, has approximately 100.000 employees and if what was announced by its tycoon founder is true, about 10.000 will be laid off .

Naturally, a negative climate prevailed in media, which forced electric car manufacturer Tesla to announce that it will be hiring in 2023.

Αλλά το απίστευτο “προαίσθημα” του Μασκ έχει και προϊστορία. Το tweet του δισεκατομμυριούχου επιχειρηματία ήρθε δύο ημέρες αφότου ενημέρωσε τους υπαλλήλους της Tesla με titled "Cease All Hiring Worldwide," that they will either return to the physical space them or they will leave.

"Everyone at Tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours per week in the office," Musk wrote in that email. "If you don't show up, we'll consider you resigned."

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Musk, Tesla

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  1. The syndrome of self-sustaining prophecy is that we "prophesy" something about which, after saying "our prophecy" we do what is possible for it to happen.
    So Musk, having a bad feeling (see, "prophesies") of a bad development in the economy, does what he can to make this "prophecy" happen.

    This move will cause him to imitate other "poor" multi-billionaires who in turn will fire people and cosmopolitan and then some salaried or not, "commentators" will say: big mind, bigger billionaire , building its accounting intangible assets (see "reputation and customer base", in the balance sheets of its companies.

    With that and that, I remembered the proverb I put as my name in this comment.

    In conclusion, I will mention a not so personal assessment.

    The forthcoming crisis on planet Earth will make the previous one (of the years 2008-2009) look like a crumb in front of it.
    A crisis that did not start recently, but at the same time as that of 2008-2009 and was "achieved" as follows:
    a) by creating toxic banking products (see bonds, derivatives and futures) in economic terms such as "I bet that this month, the flies on yogurt will be so many thousands and
    b) by transforming the classical banks into "investment banks" where, by this change of name, they were given (by themselves and by those in the governments that supported them by passing relevant "laws", the margin to manage by they try it on their customers's deposits, without asking them.

    And all this clutter of "prophecies" and "laws" would be of little importance if the coming crisis were not accompanied by the food crisis, which will bring famine to millions of people.
    Really, what reserves and what equity do the "big banks" of the planet have now? What REAL funds and non-accounting funds do the… big banks of the world have?

    Note: Both crises (old and upcoming) were predicted by "market guru" Alan Greenspan. And he envisioned them because BY HIS OWN decisions as president of the American Fed (US central bank) "decided" that the banks could be turned into "investment banks" and by his own decision gambling (ie derivatives), was called "investments" .

    Hoping that I am not too off topic, as we young Greeks say

    Giorgos Th. Kanellakis

    Υγ. historically and not "prophesying", I mention that there is "something" that followed EVERY great World affliction, human history. "Something" that has a red color, that flows like a river and is accompanied by great pain…

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