Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg let's measure our genitalia

Ο and Mark Zuckerberg traded insults over the weekend as competition among billionaires intensified mostly in Zuckerberg's favor. On its fifth day of existence, the new app Threads Meta's hit over 100 million user registrations, making it one of the fastest growing apps in history.


Meanwhile, Twitter traffic is falling, according to Mathew Prince, CEO of network services company Cloudflare, whose data shows that visits to Twitter have been steadily declining since Musk took over, a trend that has accelerated slightly in recent weeks. In response, Musk invited Zuckerberg to a genital measuring contest.

Threads, launched as a competitor and direct copy of Musk's troubled company, even ChatGPT went through its development. It is currently the most downloaded app on iPhone and Android, according to the analytics company SensorTower.

"100 million people signed up for Threads in five days," Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri told Threads Monday. "It 's crazy. I can't make sense of it."screenshot 2023 07 10 21 26 21

In recent weeks, Musk's reactions to the Threads news have ranged from swearing he's not worried about any of it to lashing out at Meta's alleged social media monopoly. On Sunday, Musk tweeted: “Zuck is a cuck". (Cuck, an insult of choice for conservatives, is short for cuckold, a word for a man who allows his wife to sleep with other people.) Eight hours later, Musk proposed "a genital measuring contest."

But Zuckerberg doesn't seem particularly bothered. Threads has a serious stake in its early success. The app is built on the Instagram network, which means that the takes seconds. Users automatically build a network as friends and followers are constantly signed up from Instagram.

That alone isn't enough for long-term viability, but it won't take too much to destabilize an already faltering Twitter. In fact, Threads could fail but be a serious win for Meta if it brings one of the few major competing social networks to its knees.

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