ELTA: An announcement was made about the manner of the cyber attack

A press release was issued by ELTA addressed to the general public and their customers, stating the manner in which the cyber-attack on their systems took place.

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We smiled today with the new announcement of ELTA. We are curious about who writes them. In a new announcement today addressed to the public and their customers, report that the cyber attack took place.


In the context of the continuous and responsible information of the public and their customers, Hellenic Post informs that the competent IT services, in collaboration with the IT Security associates, work on a 24-hour basis for the complete restoration of the information systems and the restoration of the secure network operation.

It was determined that the targeted cyber attack aimed at encrypting the critical systems for the operational operation of ELTA, started from malware zero time, which was installed on a workstation and with https reverse shell technique connected to a computer system controlled by a group of cybercriminals.

Although most of the iGuru readers will realize what happened, this announcement remains a mystery to the ordinary citizen, who we are sure will not understand anything! Not even journalists will be able to translate it. It is as if a surgeon came out and announces on the channels that he performed the operation on his famous patient, with medical terms and descriptions. And whoever understood, understood….

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The specialized technical terms, in a text to all citizens, are more reminiscent of the excuse of not being able to train their employees and protect their systems with serious anti-virus software.

Really, they will send a corresponding message to their employees, paying attention to what they download from the internet and what emails they open, in such a language?

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