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The end of Internet Explorer by MS for the vast majority of users did not mean anything, however "on" the browser engine are built management information systems that are in use in organizations and businesses worldwide, so widespread that it requires cost and time their replacement.

Ένα τέτοιο πασίγνωστο διαχείρισης είναι το of Oracle. The solution provided by the company is now cloud, although in the business world it is true that "it works and it is expensive to replace, we leave it as is"

In our article in 2019 we had the news that for the planned end of life of IE, Microsoft had started its integration in the Edge

In the article we will present its use interner explorer mode, με παράδειγμα το πως θα δουλεύουμε πλέον το Opera μέσα από το MS Edge.

In order to have the IE mode function, we must have the latest version of MS Edge installed. We can download the browser from the page


In MS Edge, click on the three clicks to the right of the address bar and select Settings


Optional: select Appearance and activate the Internet Explorer mode button.


Optional: select Cookies and site permissions and in Notifications> Allow select Add and write in the site field the url> Add


In the Default browser option, select Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode> Add and write in the site field the url> Add


If necessary, create a shortcut on the desktop:

"C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft \ Edge \ Application \ msedge.exe" https: // operaserv

On the first visit to the site in Internet Explorer mode, click on the IE icon in the url field and select Open this page in Compatibility view Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time


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