Energy Saver Pro fraud (do not throw away your money)

His advertising campaign Energy Saver Pro Google has brought us curiosity and we've been told to see what's going on. With a little research, we discovered that the specific Energy Saver Pro fraud had previously been released with a different name.

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The scam was then coming from economizer.gr, but it seemed to have been perceived very quickly. Magic type devices Economiser , when they appeared several years ago, were different in appearance, and the crooks were sparing in their miraculous promises. Then they offered one decrease to account of 10 up to 25%.

Energy Saver Pro

Scammers then and today offer a device that will miraculously reduce your electricity bills. The electrician Costas Mitropoulos, in fact, describes the tearful story of his family that was cold in the winter, until he discovered the device! In the graph given by the scammers you can see a vertical reduction in consumption, something that probably brings them too much profit, from victims who believe in fraud. The product promises a 75% lower electricity bill.

Energy Saver For Energy Saver For Energy Saver For Energy Saver For Energy Saver For Energy Saver ProWhen we tried to launch the website of such a successful product, our suspicions were confirmed.

energysaverEset blocked the page as spam!

Immediately afterwards, however, we fell on the Prosecution Intervention that was released in October at 2010 for energy saving devices, which has solved every question. Without a doubt, this is a scam that targets the profit not of the consumer but of the people behind it.

We quote the Prosecutor 's Intervention by econews.gr

Prosecution intervention for energy saving devices
An urgent preliminary examination was ordered by the Chief Prosecutor of the Athens Court of First Instance, Mr. Eleni Raikou, after the report of the General Secretary of Consumer, Mr. Dimitris Spyrakos, for misinformation of the consumer public about advertised consumables.

More specifically, after carried out, the General Secretariat of the Consumer, issued a press release informing consumers that the various devices advertised in the media and on the internet that achieve savings in electricity consumption and a reduction in the electricity bill by up to 50%, do not bring about any reduction in electricity bill of residential and small commercial consumers.

This is because these devices, from a technical point of view, record only reactive energy, while the one-phase and three-phase meters of the PPC. that are located in homes and small businesses only record active energy, and therefore no reduction is recorded and is not invoiced any reduction resulting from the use of these devices. But even if the counters of PPC were designed to record idle energy, the savings rate would not exceed 1%. As a consequence, allegations of allegedly reducing the electricity bill from the application of these devices are misleading.

To this end, all relevant procedures have been initiated to implement the provisions on unfair commercial practices and the imposition of the prescribed administrative penalties. However, a survey conducted following the above-mentioned announcement by the General Secretariat for Consumers found that at least eight companies continue to promote electricity saving devices over the internet.

In some cases, even public documents are invoked which create the inaccurate impression on the consumer public that there is a relevant one by public authorities. Therefore, the General Secretary of Consumer Affairs submitted all the relevant data resulting from the investigation to the Athens District Attorney's Office, which ordered an urgent preliminary examination to investigate the criminal responsibilities of the persons involved in the above activities.

We should recall common sense.

PPC meters record all energy consumed in a home or workplace. If you want to have reduced bills, use less power, and change your devices with other energy-efficient ones.

Be careful, do not throw away your money. With 2 parallel capacitors 2.2μF / 400V  costing 0,12 euros one you can get the same results, but of course you will never reach the 75% or 20% or 45% reduction in your account promised by fraudsters. We should probably expect a new Prosecutor's intervention for the "new" "revolutionary" product.

More technical details for electricians from here.

Tip for you who manage webpages using Google Ads and you do not want the hoax to play.

Block  energy-saver-blog.com/gr and energy-saver-blog.com

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  1. Misinformation! FRAUD

    What is the basic principle of operation and the
    patent number?
    NASA has issued such a device (the patent
    I have it) and it saves 23% but "ONLY" in inductive loads.
    You tell us that it also saves on ohms
    loads (incandescent lamps, resistance stoves, water heaters
    etc)… .how? ;;;;;;;;;
    What a terrible invention that overthrows everyone
    the rules of electrical engineering? (P = VxI χ συν φ).
    In ohmic loads the coefficient = 1 is not calculated
    so at P = VxI
    how do you save?
    Unless the device intervenes at its conduction angle
    (Triac), which does not exist, but even here according to the NASA patent (WattsaverUSPatent 4,052,648) applies as I mentioned above… .only for inductive loads.

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