Quickly restart Chrome via bookmark

In this article, you'll see how to make a bookmark in Google Chrome that will re-launch your browser quickly whenever you want.


The Google Chrome browser, like most browsers, consumes a lot of memory. If you open some tabs on it you will see your system slow down. The most recommended solution is to remove non-essential add-ons and restart your browser to free up RAM.

How can you restart Chrôme? In the classic and usual way you know. Close your browser and double-click on the desktop icon to start again.

But Chrôme offers a special URL address that makes it easy to restart. Go to your browser's address bar and enter it
chrome: // restart and press the Enter key. And by magic the browser will restart.

Based on the above and since you frequently reboot Chrome, it's a good idea to create a bookmark that will help you restart with one click. See how:

Press Ctrl + D (for Windows) or Cmd + D (for Mac) to be in the bookmarking environment. Now click the Edit button on the bookmark screen that will appear, put chrome: // restart in the URL input field, give it a name for example "Restart" in the Name field and click the Save button to create that bookmark.

That's it. If you want to find out more, type chrome: // chrome-urls in your browser address addresses to see other Chrome's internal pages that you can reach through the specific URLs.



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