Another on and another or If you do not pay attention to where you go online, you may find yourself in a place where you do not like it at all. Apparently there is a "secret Google" as reported by its administrators, which has nothing to do with our well-known Google service.

You can see the website by copying and pasting the following link though we do not recommend it:

What happens;

Although the same word appears, the same domain, in fact, is not. Chapter G looks smaller than normal, and is about the same size as a lowercase letter.

Let's take a closer look. is not or, as it uses a special character pretending to be a capital letter G.

To be precise, the Latin "Letter Small Capital G", also known as Unicode 0262, is used.

The small G is part of a subset of special characters that can also be used in various funky domain names: such as http: //√.com or http: // 日本語 .jp.

So if you use the browser to visit, it will actually lead you to, which in turn points to the following address:

It sounds unlikely but we do not recommend you to visit the site. It's definitely not your well-known

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