ESET 50 +% increase in Android Ransomware 2016

ESET, the EU-based security company, recorded an increase of more than 50% in the detection of Android ransomware in 2016, which is historically the largest number of attempts to penetrate devices. ESET presents the latest annual data based on LiveGrid technology in the white paper "Trends in Android Ransomware". The findings are revealed shortly before the Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona (February 27 - March 2, 2017).

"Overall, we saw an increase in malware detection on Android devices by about 20%, with ransomware on this platform rising at an increasing pace. Although ESET recorded the biggest increase in the first half of 2016, we can not safely say that this threat will soon disappear, "says Chief Technology Officer of ESET Juraj Malcho, who will deal with this issue in MWC 2017.

Crypto-ransomware creators, encrypting files and locking the device screen, have been practicing the last 12 months to copy effective techniques used in attacking malware on desktop. They have also developed their own more sophisticated methods specifically for targets on Android devices.

In addition to the most widespread intimidation tactics used by screen-locked police ransomware, cybercriminals are trying to keep a low profile by encrypting the malicious charge and "digging" even deeper into the infected applications.ESET

2015, ESET had noticed that the interest of Android ransomware creators had shifted from users of devices in Eastern Europe to users in the US. However, last year there was an increasing interest in the Asian market. "Indeed, we can say that the Android-attacked ransomware has become a large-scale global threat," adds Malcho.

For full access to the findings, download the ESET white paper “Trends in Android Ransomware” (PDF)

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