ESET: Internet Explorer is the weak link in Windows

According to her report ESET, a security software development company, Internet Explorer is at the top of the most frequently attacked Windows list

ESET Internet Explorer

Compared to the results of the previous year, the number of exploit attacks on Microsoft components is increased by 2014. "This year was particularly harsh for Internet Explorer users, as Microsoft has twice as vulnerable to 2013" says ESET's research team at Fortunately for its users, for a large number of these vulnerabilities they released a patch within the same year. "

Internet Explorer's most known vulnerability to "in the wild" exploit is the bug Unicorn. Also, ESET researchers have uncovered their findings for the trojan BlackEnergy, exploiting a bug in Microsoft PowerPoint, at 24ο Virus Bulletin Conference in Seattle in September of 2014.

The report includes information not only about the main types of vulnerabilities that occurred last year in Microsoft Windows, but also about the techniques that Microsoft has encountered with the latest versions of its operating systems.

"Unfortunately, many users still use Windows XP without security features that will protect them from exploit, and so these users are constantly at risk of being infected, "adds the ESET Research team.

The full report "Windows Exploitation and Mitigation in 2014" is available in the category White Paper on the page. Technology

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