What will we see next week at the Microsoft event

Η Microsoft is preparing a feverish presentation of them Windows 10 which will mostly focus on consumer experience with the new operating system. The company is expected not only to reveal some new facts about its work but also to talk more about how some of its other products will be affected by the new functional.

windows 10 Microsoft
There is no doubt that the Windows 10 event will be very important to users and businesses, mainly because the new operating system is said to reorganize the way tablet and smartphones work together and work together.

Although the company has not revealed much so far, some details about the event have already appeared on the internet. So below we will be able to understand some of the hot topics that Microsoft will present next week. The company will likely present a new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview at the conference.

It is expected that with the Windows January Technical Preview presentation, it will showcase some new desktop enhancements, such as very attractive context menus, and a Cortana trial version. Eventually, she could also present two different Windows themes, one dark and one light-colored, along with new icons.

In addition to desktop improvements, Microsoft also plans to introduce plans for Windows 10 for smartphones, so it is also very likely that we will see an early build of Windows Phone 10 Preview.

Naturally after the conference, Microsoft could release the new builds for everyone, so that everyone can test the new operating system on computers, desktops and smartphones.

In addition to the new features and new Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft will also present the new Spartan browser, which at first will have to come with Internet Explorer and sometime in the future it could replace it completely.

Spartan is a totally new browser that looks more like Chrome and Firefox and could help Microsoft overcome the negative reviews of Internet Explorer.

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