ESET Online Scanner Free reliable protection

ESET Online Scanner is a smart way to protect your computer. It is a very easy to use tool that can run in parallel with any existing one antivirus, without any problems in your system.

ESET Online Scanner

The application offers complete detection of malware: Find and remove viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing and other threats circulating on the Internet. The application comes completely free and is very easy to use even for novice users.

There is no commitment to download the application, and you do not need to register. In addition to the above, the free ESET application also offers periodic scans of your device. This way you will have regular and automatic monthly scans for infections and suspicious applications.

As you run the application, the ESET Online Scanner Welcome screen will appear. Provides shortcuts for the following actions:

<br>• Computer Scan: select a scan type and scan your system for malware

<br>• Periodic scan settings: turn Periodic Scan on / off and select a specific day and time to repeat the monthly scan

<br>• Full protection: displays an offer (advertisement) related to the real-time protection of the system from another ESET product

<br>• About ESET Online Scanner: displays the product version, the version and the time of the last update of the detection modules. It also allows you to change the settings for the Customer Experience Improvement Program and change the language of the product.

Those who are interested can download the application from here.

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