ESET Smart Security Premium for home users

From today, the  ESET  has the leading range of security solutions for home users - ESET Smart Security Premium, based on the award-winning NOD32 technology, offers the ideal detection, speed and usability ratio. In addition, ESET's unique solution features ESET Password Manager for easier and safer authentication, as well as ESET Secure Data for easy and powerful encryption.

"As Internet threats are increasingly diverse, users need more complex security suites with features based on personalized preferences. The new product line fully reflects this trend, explains Richard Marko, CEO of ESET.ESET Smart Security Premium

ESET has consistently been successful in independent testing, having been identified 98 times with significant VB100 distinctions, many times more than any other product. Recently, ESET was the only 100% security solution among all products in the Home Anti-Malware Protection testing of SE Labs and received the highest score in the AV-Comparatives Performance Test among all Internet security products participating in the tests.

ESET was also the undisputed 1 in Spam Protection, distinguishing in the VBSpam Test and AV-Comparatives Anti-Spam Test.

With the new product line, ESET emphasizes the need to protect privacy for PC and laptop users.

ESET Webcam Protection, available with ESET Smart Security Premium and ESET Internet Security, regulates access to the camera, ensuring full protection. The user will be able to see and block / allow processes and applications and disable the computer's camera, so that applications will not be able to access them.

Along with ESET Smart Security Premium, users can also enjoy the brand new ESET Internet Security for the first time. The legendary ESET NOD32 Antivirus 10 remains the ideal suite for gamers with enhanced protection against scripting attacks.

ESET Home Security (ESET Smart Security Premium) includes many recognized features, including Banking & Payment Protection, Antispyware, Anti-Phishing, Exploit Blocker, Advanced Personal Firewall, and ESET LiveGrid® Reputation System .

«The news protection levels of ESET Smart Security Premium improvethey live τthe overall level better safetyς of our customers. Parallel with top protection against malware threats, its users ESET now canthey are to protect the archives, their passwords, The their cameras, even the entire home network, and all with me a only a complete solution» says Palo Luka, ESET's CTO.

ESET Smart Security Premium What's New:  

Script-Based Attack Protection: detects attacks from malicious scripts trying to exploit Windows PowerShell. It also detects malicious JavaScript that can be attacked through the browser. It supports all known browsers.

Home Network Protection: allows users to scan home routers for vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords or expired firmware, and offers recovery options. It also provides an easy-to-use list of connected devices, categorized by type, and shows which ones are connected. This helps users see how secure their home networks are.

Webcam Protection: a feature to control processes and applications that have access to computers with connected web cams, displaying alerts when unwanted applications try to access the camera.

ESET Password Manager: uses AES-256 encryption - the world's leading standard - for storing and preventing passwords for all users. Also, whenever a user needs it, he creates and saves a new and extremely powerful password.

ESET Secure Data: protects against data theft in case of loss of USB-key or laptop and allows for secure collaboration and data exchange.

More information on ESET's range of solutions and the new ESET Smart Security Premium on the page The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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