Europol cracked 'secure' messaging app Exclu

European police have cracked another 'secure' messaging and phone app and arrested 42 criminals.

exclude messenger

According to a statement from the Dutch police, Europol arrested 42 suspects and seized guns, drugs and millions in cash after another encrypted online messaging service used by criminals to collude was breached.

Police raided 79 facilities in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands following an investigation that began in September 2020 and led to the service's encryption being broken Exclude Messenger.

Το Exclu είναι η πιο πρόσφατη κρυπτογραφημένη υπηρεσία διαδικτυακής συνομιλίας που ξεκλειδώνεται από τις αρχές επιβολής του νόμου. Το 2021 οι ερευνητές εισέβαλαν στο Sky E.C.C. – another “secure” application used by criminal gangs.

After police and prosecutors broke into Exclu's encrypted communications system, they were able to read messages exchanged between criminals for five months before the raids.

Those arrested include users of the app, as well as its owners and controllers, their statement said. The strange thing is that Exclu's page is still online and continues to advertise its product for 900 euros per semester.

The police of France, Italy, Sweden, as well as Europol and Eurojust were also involved in the investigation.

Police raids uncovered at least two drug labs, a cocaine processing facility, several kilograms of drugs, four million euros ($4,3 million) in cash, luxury goods and weapons. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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