Hackers hit the Eurovision vote

The Eurovision Song Contest seems to have been targeted by hackers who want to influence the vote for the final song selection in the qualifier.melodifestivalen 2015 Eurovision

Votes began yesterday to flood the Melodifestivalen application after Jon Henrik Fjällgren's show, forcing the organizers of the contest to zero votes.

Mananger leader Christel Tholse Willers called the wave of votes "extreme overload".

"We are investigating the attack. "Our servers have been set up for a very heavy load, but what hit us was bumpy and extreme," Willers said.

From 3,7, millions of viewers watched their qualifiers Eurovision, about half a million of them used the application, increasing votes compared to last year by about 400%. Both voice (voice) and SMS are still the preferred 1,5 million viewer methods.

Safety testing by researchers claimed that Melodifestivalen was vulnerable to attacks.

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