Easily find 360 degrees with Facebook 360

The advent of 360 photos and videos on Facebook has excited its users and so they have a lot of traffic. Facebook to help easily find such optical files has built the Facebook 360 application for the Gear VR headset.


The application Facebook 360 for Samsung Gear VR is an exciting new way to explore 360 photos and videos. To download, open the Oculus app for your Samsung Gear VR and look for Facebok 360 or simply visit the Oculus website to get started.

With more than 25 million photos of 360 degrees and more than 1 million 360 degree videos published in Facebok to date, you will definitely find the application quite useful to surf through the huge amount of data.

The start-up application includes four modules:

Explore: Discover some of the most interesting and popular 360 visual files in Facebok by media companies, organizations and individual creators.
Follow: See the 360 degree files your friends have posted on Facebok, as well as whoever you follow.
Save: Find all the 360 degree files you have saved so you can enjoy it at another time.
Timeline: Relive your memories in a new way and through your own 360 photo and video add-ons.

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