Facebook app: Force the application to open the links in an external browser

See how to get the Facebook app on your phone to open links in an external browser.


The Facebook application you have installed on your phone has a built-in browser so when you click on a link you see the results directly in the Facebook application without changing the program.

As a feature it is easy to use but the internal browser of Facebook is not configurable. Also, the less data you feed directly to Facebook, the better, right?

This feature appeared to have been silently removed in June 2021, but was silently restored. No one knows if it will exist forever, but in the meantime, see how you can force the Facebook app to use the browser of your choice to display links.

What is an in-app browser?
An in-app browser is just a web browser without all the other features of specialized browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Brave and Firefox.

Application developers like Facebook created this browser to run only on their application. It can not be opened independently, it only works through their application.

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These browsers are used by companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail to keep using their application instead of going to another one. They do not want you to leave their application.

Negatives of the browser within the Facebook application
In principle, such browsers are completely simple, of course, compared to a normal browser.

You can only view one site at a time, meaning you can not open new tabs.

You can not enter new URLs as there is no address bar in these browsers.

An in-app browser does not store login information, so you will need to enter it again if you are on a site that requires your password.

In fact, sometimes the pages do not load properly or they may get stuck shortly after opening.

There is no browsing history available, so you can not go back and complete a story later without searching for it again on Facebook.

You can not bookmark a site. Facebook has a way of "saving" the site's URL, but it is different from the bookmark function.

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It does not get extensions, it can not be configured not to show you a site ads, it can not bypass the site scripts, it can not remember that you have accepted the cockies.

How to change the Default Facebook browser

facebook browser media link

If you want to force Facebook to open the links you click in your default browser, do the following:

Step 1: In the Facebook app, tap the menu that has the three-line icon in the upper right corner, then scroll down and tap “Settings and privacy".

Step 2: In the drop-down menu click on “Settings“. On the new screen, scroll down and press “Inside".

Step 3: On the new screen, scroll down until you see “External link openingMark it.

That's it!. Now the next time you try to open a web page link via Facebook, it will open with the default browser you have set up on your mobile phone.

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