Facebook Campus the social network for students

Facebook has announced a new feature for some students in the United States called Facebook Campus. Campus has its own section in the Facebook mobile app (app not yet available on the Web), where users can meet and interact with other members of their University community.

To use Facebook Campus, users just need to have an email address of their University and / or state their year of graduation.

Campus uses a separate profile from the main Facebook page so you can hide or change information such as where you live or your profile picture.

With this feature, students can more easily connect with other students from the same college, and access community-specific events and groups. These events and teams are not visible outside the Campus.

The Campus has its own separate news feed, so you can follow what's happening in your community, a facebook that lets you find users by year of graduation or class.

The Facebook pages representing Universities can also participate in the Facebook Campus and of course they will be able to participate in groups and events for this University. They will not be able to see the list of students or find specific discussions. You can learn more about Campus privacy from here.

The feature is only available at a few Universities in the United States, so not everyone will have the opportunity to try it out right now. However, it is very likely that we will see it sometime later.

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