United Kingdom: Facebook is digital gangsters

The UK government has been trying to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for about a year now.

Eventually after many adventures it seems that the meeting will take place. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has confirmed that Secretary of State Jeremy Wright will meet with Zuckerberg at Facebook headquarters in California on Thursday.Facebook

The announcement comes a few days after disappointing parliamentary report of the United Kingdom that named Facebook and its executives "digital gangsters(Digital gangsters) condemning Zuckerberg for refusing to meet with UK officials.

Zuckerberg initially turned down an invitation from the UK for a meeting in March last year. He then declined a second invitation in May, despite agreeing to meet with EU representatives the next day. He then turned down another request, sending Richard Allan, the VP of the policy department, to hear from the UK.

Jeremy Wright Wright and Zuckerberg will attend next Thursday's meeting to discuss the British government's upcoming plans to boost internet security.

It is not clear why Zuckerberg decided to attend the meeting, as he has so far seemed completely indifferent to the UK Parliament.

Probably since Facebook is constantly in the world spotlight lately, it no longer has the luxury of rejecting relationships with anyone.


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