Facebook allows flags in your profile picture

Do you feel very Greek or Greek? If so, Facebook thought of letting you prove it at any moment by adding the flag of your country to your profile photo.

Today's update to the largest social network code adds almost 200 flags to your photo profile editing.

To test the new feature you can visit the address facebook.com/profilepicframes or click on your profile photo and select "Add Frames" to your smartphone. Then look for the flag you want to add to your image. (The new add-on has not yet appeared for everyone.)Facebook

The flags on the profile come after Mark Zuckerberg's new manifesto announcing his desire to turn Facebook into a platform for a unified global community, but the new feature also entails the risk of massive breaks between different nationalities.

But many are also those who claim to be a welcome feature. Unlike the entire flag photos we have seen from time to time after tragic events, these are small flags in the top left corner of your photo, it is reported to be a more subtle approach, and perhaps somewhat less politically charged.

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Flags may occasionally show conflicts, but they could also serve as symbols of unity when people from different places join forces.

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