Facebook Messenger has night mode

In March, Facebook Messenger provided you with a cradle, where if you were sending an emoji with the crescent to a friend then your screen would switch to night mode.


From yesterday and all over the world, night mode has been added to your Messenger settings so you can black-out your screen whenever you want.

Night mode, or "dark mode", changes the screen in Messenger, expelling the white and possibly annoying background and making it black. Theoretically it is more relaxing to the eye and with less energy consumption.

To turn your Android screen to night mode, tap on your profile picture in the app. You will enter your preferences and settings. Then, at the top of the menu, you will see a switch labeled "Night mode". Press it and the screen will turn black.

The feature, announced yesterday, is in the process of being delivered to users around the world. If you can not see it, you may need to update the app as it has already arrived in Greece.

Facebook notes that you can still turn on the dark mode by simply sending an emoji with the moon to your friends. This option remains for sticky emojis friends. But for everyone else, you better follow the steps above.



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