Facebook: Did you give your phone to the social network?

New privacy issue on Facebook. This time, the largest social network seems to be "getting its hands on" its members' mobile phone numbers, which are provided solely for two-factor authentication, not targeted ads.

Of course, those of you who have given your Facebook number thought that it would only be used for two-factor authentication. Wrong Facebook uses numbers to connect with other people and target everyone with online ads.

For example, if someone you know, give his Facebook number and allow Facebook to access his smartphone's contacts, the application reads all his contacts (do you think he does not save them?). So it can connect you with some, and it will keep you connected even if there is a rupture in your relationships.
Of course, Facebook does not stop promoting targeted ads, but it also gives your number in the search function of the page.

The outbreak of slogging on Facebook's phone number was triggered on Friday by Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge, who publicly criticized Mark Zuckerberg's information gathering and user search through Facebook phone number for account security purposes only .Facebook

"For years Facebook claimed that adding a phone number was for 2FA and only for security." he said through his Twitter. "Now they find you in the searches and there is no way to turn it off."

Facebook has partially disabled similar phone number searches in the past, preventing someone from looking for their profile number. Today Facebook seems to re-use the numbers in searches on certain accounts, and undoubtedly uses WhatsApp searches for numbers.

As explains Facebook to one support page, uses account security phone numbers to help your friends find you and some possible recovery of your account.

It does not indicate that it uses phone numbers for advertising. Researchers at Princeton University and Northeastern University in the US last year examined how Facebook uses personally identifiable information provided by users.

They found (PDF) “That the phone numbers and e-mail addresses added as profile features for security reasons, such as two-factor authentication, those numbers that were given to the Facebook Messenger application for the purpose of exchanging messages, but also the numbers included in the contacts of users, are used by Facebook to allow advertisers to target users. ”

According to Alex Stamos, a former Facebook security chief, the social network was planning to separate the phone numbers used for 2FA from other phone numbers given for other purposes, but that is no longer the case.


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