WordPress the 90% of hacked sites in 2018

WordPress; About 90 percent of all hacked content management systems (CMS), according to Sucuri researchers at 2018, were WordPress websites.

In the second, third and fourth place were Magento (4,6%), Joomla (4,3%), and Drupal (3,7%) web applications, according to report published yesterday by the company.WordPress

Sucuri experts reported that most of the hacks were vulnerable to plugins, themes, configuration errors, and non-upgrades from webmasters, who often forget to update their CMS, themes, and plugins.

According to the company, 90% of all hacked sites used WordPress, and most of them were running updates, with only 36% of them using older versions.

"Attackers seem to be showing a lot of interest in e-commerce sites with valuable customer data (ie credit card and user information). It is imperative that the owners of these sites update their software immediately. ”

Do you use WordPress? Remove all unnecessary plugins and use a trusted theme. At iGuRu.gr we use the Genesis Framework, and as few plugins as possible, always up to date.

It is also important to use a trusted hosting service as well as the security settings you use.

Please note that Sucuri's 90% is not indicative of the security provided by WordPress CMS, as the company is mostly concerned with the security of this platform.




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