What is updating from Facebook?

Do you use the largest social network for your daily information? Lastly, Facebook uses bots as responsible for viewing articles in the Trending Stories section. It was a decision that came across several reactions when it was found that the algorithms displayed a fake news by Mexy Kelly of Fox News within a few days after its implementation.

Several weeks later, it seems that the problem still exists: The Washington Post, following the Facebook Trending Stories from 31 August to September 22, discovered five fake stories and three grossly inaccurate reports from the automated social networking system.facebook-news

Are you wondering why Facebook does not employ human resources to address the issue? Because the human factor is not objective. The company has already tried it with a group of editors before setting up its bots, but they were sacked all in May to censure conservative news and Wikileaks links showing DNC email.

Ultimately, it seems that social networking algorithms are simply not so reliable. This is especially important if you think about how many are informed by the social network, believing that they are watching reliable sources of information.

The problem, as computer scientist Walter Quattrociocchi told the WP, is that "when Facebook selectively injects fake news into these highly personalized feeds, it creates polarization among its users."

Mention that fake stories are creating more and more conspiracy theorists by offering them "documentation."

Thus "innocent" information from social networks could mean danger to societies in general.

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