Facebook scam: Samsung Galaxy S9-S10 with 1 dollar

It all started yesterday at group of iGuRu.gr. Someone cunningly posted a post that led to a page that offered it Galaxy S9 for a dollar and your email.

Of course the members of the Group reported the publication and deleted it along with the villain who posted it.

But let's look at it :


Fraud exists in Greek (God Make Greek) in subdomain 758oer492.24factsource.com/sgsgr/. The last path gives us the Greek language. Facebook posting says you need to search Google for 758OER492 and click on the first link that appears.

If you follow the instructions, you will need to provide your email as well as your card number in order to receive one dollar.

Beware, it's a scam!


The REMAINING TIME indicated on the page email is not real. It is constantly changing and aims to motivate the victim not to miss the super duper offer.

Also on the first page we gave above, all the answers that seem to come from Facebook, are .

Let's go to the page that asks for your card number now.

The site is on the skeinplay.com domain. This is another one site that publishes fake videos on youtube. The site collects card numbers and in return will sign you up for one Regular Membership.

This means more emails, and since it has your card number with the permission to trade (see picture below) it can charge more.


A simple Google search for our domain gave us the following interests:

skeinplay.com is an untrustworthy TV show and movie streaming website. The website claims it gives you access to their library of TV shows and movies, but some of the TV shows and movies they have advertised cannot be found on their website. And, after using mine card on the website, I have started noticing suspicious charges to my card, transactions from merchants I do not know. I have already contacted my bank and I am currently disputing the suspicious charges, in order to have those charges canceled and my money refunded.


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Written by giorgos

George still wonders what he's doing here ...

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