Facebook will have a more aggressive policy for COVID-19

Facebook will fight COVID-19 misinformation more directly by sending alerts to users who like, share or comment on a removed post with misinformation.

Facebook will send alerts directly to users who like, share or comment on COVID-19 posts that violate the company's terms of service.

Αυτή η νέα ρύθμιση θα λειτουργεί ως εξής: εάν ένας χρήστης έχει αλληλεπιδράσει με μια ανάρτηση που θα καταργηθεί, το Facebook στέλνει μια ειδοποίηση στον χρήστη που του λέει ότι η ανάρτηση κατθηκε. Εάν ο χρήστης κάνει κλικ στην ειδοποίηση, θα μεταφερθεί σε μια προορισμού με ένα στιγμιότυπο οθόνης της ανάρτησης και μια σύντομη εξήγηση για το γιατί κατθηκε. Η σελίδα προορισμού θα περιλαμβάνει επίσης συνδέσμους προς εκπαιδευτικές ιστοσελίδες για το COVID-19, και θα τον προτρέπει να μην ακολουθεί την ομάδα που το δημοσίευσε.

This regulation is an extension of Facebook's previous efforts to fight misinformation. Before that, the company used to display a banner in the feed , urging users who had engaged with content that had been removed to "help their friends and family by avoiding fake regarding Covid-19".

Facebook's modified approach comes almost a year after the pandemic began. Notifications will not be sent to deleted posts.

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  1. Do we see any baths "stay home" soon?

    And I do not ask about havale but because the style of the text, while it had the potential to lead the reader's thought to: "interventions in the mind", tries to lead to: I am a hare for what comes to you.

    I do not hide that for a long time Jimako has gathered, observing. And maybe that is the reason for not sending various.

    George, I remind you that the marriage that was attempted a few years ago with "somethingnews" did not have the desired result. And the split brought good results. So, do you have to think about certain issues, before changing anything that had a target group for those who were not interested in what the "stevzobsphone" records falling from space?

    Good morning to those of us who are observant to those we read and "insomnia", but only to make fun of the endless neophile's stupidity of "anonymous commentators".

    • the target group does not exist, it would exist if we tried to put in the bank in addition to paying the server, We continue in bulk on the wave even if they say that we are biased or that we have an opinion. The view whether it exists has a place and value, even if it provokes controversy

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