Facebook tool for transferring video images to Google Photos

Facebook today announced that it plans to launch 2020 a new tool that will allow Facebook users to upload their photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos.

The tool is already operating in Ireland, and will be released to everyone by the 2020 authorities, according to the company.


The upcoming photo transfer tool from Facebook to Google is the company's first product based on the Data Transfer Project (DTP) framework.

The Data Transfer Project is an open data organization standard that helps users transfer their information from one platform to another.


The program was founded by 2017 and was officially announced in July by 2018. The founding members included Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. Apple joined the project after a few months.

The DTP code for exporting and transferring content in DTP format (text, settings, photos, videos) is open source and is hosted on GitHub in the hope that other platforms will adopt it too.

To help companies get started, the founding members of DTP have created extensions for hosting an import / export API for shared hosting platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Let's look at the tools in practice.

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