Facebook: 1 Million Dollars on Wikipedia

Facebook Wikipedia: Because Wikipedia is everywhere and everyone seems to recognize it, many of the big tech companies are showing great interest in the viability of the electronic encyclopedia.

This week, Facebook donated 1 million dollars to the platform.

The Wikimedia Foundation announced late Thursday that Facebook has provided 1 with a million dollars to Wikimedia Endowment, a fund established for the financial support of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia and other Wikimedia projects.

"We are grateful to Facebook for this support and hope that this move will mark the beginning of a long-term partnership that will support the future of Wikipedia," said Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Wikimedia Endowment was founded in 2016 and aims to provide financial support to the various Wikimedia projects and ensure that the platform will remain independent on the Internet.

The original objective of Wikimedia Endowment was to raise 100 million dollars. Up to now, it seems to be has gathered about 50 million dollars.

"In its nearly 18 years of existence, Wikipedia has become a trusted resource for hundreds of millions of people around the world. The foundation ensures that we can protect this incredible resource for current researchers seeking knowledge, but also for future generations, ”said Lisa Gruwell, head of Wikimedia Promotion.

"We are excited that Facebook is investing in Wikipedia's long-term future and free knowledge for all."

In recent months, Facebook has provided a new feature that uses the Wikipedia database to provide social network users with more information about the source of an article in the news feed.


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