Fact Check Explorer from Google detects fake news

Fact Check Explorer is a Google tool that helps the company identify and display fake news. With this tool you can see data audits that have been investigated by independent organizations from around the world.fact checking

It's used by journalists, fact-checkers, and anyone who wants to get to the bottom of a story. Fact Check Explorer has been released in a global beta version that allows you to search with images in addition to the current text search.fact

Several reviewers reported that the process for reviewing images was difficult, and while they wanted to know if an image had been previously reviewed by others, they did not have an easy way to find out.

So Google rolled out this new feature with Global Fact 10, and invited the global fact-checking community to beta test it.

So now an approved user using the beta can upload or copy the link of any image to the Data Check Explorer and see if it has appeared anywhere in an existing data check.

The new feature will help speed up the image review process around the world.

Last year, Google and YouTube announced a $13,2 million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) to launch a new Global Fact-Checking Fund, which will be administered by IFCN itself.

The first round of funding will support more than 35 data control organizations from 45 countries.


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