Factory reset on TV hit by ransomware

LG has donated to Darren Cauthon New Year's Secret Hidden Recovery Instructions for Google TV used when hit by ransomware.

The company initially asked for more than what it cost but relented and agreed to offer instructions on bringing the TV back when Cauthon took to Twitter to express his displeasure.ransomware

Television was infected by Darren Cauthon's wife when she tried to download an application that promised free movies. Instead, he installed the ransomware, which was asking for 500 dollars to unlock Google TV.

Cauthon reported that LG had given him the steps to restore the factory settings and did not want to reveal it publicly, as neither his customer support technicians are known.

Darren Cauthon realized that his TV was infected when he saw a message on Christmas that was supposed to be an FBI. The message said suspicious files were found and the owner would have to pay a fine.

But let's see how he managed to delete the ransomware, and let's just mention the following simple steps that might apply to other Google TVs.

With the TV off, place your finger on settings and then another finger on the channels down button (when you want to go down channels). Then take the finger from the settings, and then from the button with the channels. Then navigate using the volume keys to find the wipe data/ factory reset option.

See the video explaining the steps described above

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