Fake Profile Detector: See if people are real or fake

Fake Profile Detector is a Chromium browser extension that lets you know if the people you see in a photo on the web are real or fake.

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The Fake Profile Detector can be installed in the Google Chrome browser, but also logically in any other browser based on Chromium.

It is designed by V7Labs, a company that focuses on vision technology and artificial intelligence. Fake Profile Detector helps users find out if a person viewing their photo online is bot or computer generated. That is, if the photo is deepfake.

This information can be important, depending on the circumstances. This way you can find out, for example, if potential dating partners are real, how credible the news or messages someone posted are, if a potential affiliate is not fake, and generally if an image posted online shows real people.

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The fake profile detector works provided you have not blocked notifications from your browser. All you have to do is right-click on a photo and select "Check fake profile picture".

The Fake Profile Scanner scans the photo and displays the result as a notification at the bottom right of the page, within seconds. Sometimes, you may need to upload the image to its own tab, but the extension reminds you when this is required.

A quick test with some real and fake photos, gave us 50% correct results, without of course being absolutely sure that the photos we showed him were fake.

The developers, on the other hand, note that the artificial intelligence model used only works with "StyleGAN images used to create fake human faces" and not with fake videos or face rotations. It is also important to note that the extension requires photos or images with a person on them. can not determine if a group of people in an image is true or false.

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However, it can be a handy extension to control people on Twitter or Facebook or other sites you may want to interact with or already interact with.

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